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Your cost-effective tool for online success and all necessary for creating a visual identity.

Web Design

We create excellent design and website as well as majestic performance for your business.


Ulge Design


We will create for your brand image to provide you the competitive advantage.


Ulge Branding

Online Marketing

We work with you to deliver online traffic, enquiries, business and profits.


Ulge Marketing

About Us


... with our diligent fingers we design, programmed & build bespoke responsive websites that engage with your audience, deliver profit and build brands. In our later cooperation with you, we can provide you with a web-based and a online marketing, which gives excellent results for your business.

UlakasGeko combines of various work and sectors and fitting them together, using for this the all design management principles and in our daily work we deal with programming, product and web design, graphic design and online marketing, which in addition we offer the design, strategy, supply chain and project management as well as the business consultancy.
In UlakasGeko we approache in our everyday work to both lines of business separately, to offer to own customers in this area the high level of service and to support their creativity.

Under the Ulge Design we are focused on programming, web design, and online marketing, where our goal is to be a professional web programming and graphic design product company. We work with all types & sizes of businesses, offering everyone equally cost-effective resource to their online success. The UlakasGeko goal is to be a professional web programming and graphic design company, while creating long-term relationships with our clients and helping them to meet and even exceed their goals.

Under the Ulge Design Management we are brought together the project and design management, product development and design, strategy and supply chain control and management processes, and business consulting. From this business line you can read more on ulge.ee

In Ulge Design we believe that investing in own customers success, we will create a situation in which we ourselves are also successful.

In our initial stages of work and research phase, we will listen, learn and process what sets your company apart from your competition and how best to present those strengths. From there, moving forward we will develop a design and web presence that not only sells your brand, but one that is clean, and visually appealing.

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For more information on any of our services please call: +372 50 30 036 or alternatively you can send us a request via e-mail ulge@ulge.eu and we will get back to you.

You do not have to know everything. You need just be able to find the right people.


Ulge Design Remy


Ulge Design Eveli


UlakasGeko Responsive designs to fit all devices



What We Do


Ulge Design

Web design and programming

In Naughty Gecko Ltd, we design, programmer & build responsive websites that display perfectly on all devices.

Our creative team will work with you to deliver a website that is attractive, engages with your audience, supports your marketing activity and delivers enquiries for your business.

We work with all types of enterprises, from small one-man company to large International Groups.

Please take the time to look at our portfolio of creative & web projects to get a clear idea of our capabilities.

Then take the next step – Call Us TODAY to discuss your next project.

Ulge Branding

Branding & Creative

A successful Brand is where the magic happens.
It’s a place where long-term customer relationships are formed, where preference and loyalty are locked in, and where you get the chance to tell your story. Not just a pretty logo and some cute visuals, your Brand needs strategy, insight and personality that will result in business growth & competitive advantage.

Creativity is more than just being 'different'.
Anybody can plan weird; that’s easy. And anyone can make the simple, complex. What’s hard is making the simple so simple that it connects instantly.

That’s creativity.
And creativity is only as good as its ability to help you deliver results against your own commercial or organisational goals. Unlike other’s we know, our team is straight-talking and commercially savvy.

We hate prima donnas and pretence. We love creative work that works, we know what works, and we know we can make it work for you.

Ulge Marketing

Online marketing for all kinds of businesses

Here at Naughty Gecko Ltd, thats what we do.

Its our mission to help you get more customers. We provide a service that you need, both in marketing as well as in Web management, in order to achieve the result that you need as in your website, as well as in social media.

It takes creativity to compose compelling ads and extensive knowledge to make sure they appear in the right places.

We do it all so you can focus on what you do best - running your business.

If you are interested and require more information please email us on ulge@ulge.eu



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Whether it is to rebrand your organisation, the design of a great website or printed brochures we would be delighted to help.

Call us on: +372 50 30 036 or E-mail us on: ulge@ulge.eu.

You can also call or write to us via Skype

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