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We are Naughty Geckos

Your cost-effective tool for online success and all necessary for creating a visual identity.

Web Design

We create excellent design and website as well as majestic performance for your business.


Ulge Design

Branding & Designing

We create an image, a brand, or your own style to make you stand out from the others.


Ulge Branding

Web Management

We make sure that your website is up to date, reliable and secure at all times.


Ulge Marketing

About Us


UlakasGeko (Naughty Gecko) combines of various work and sectors, using all the principles of design management and a plentiful of experiences and skills.

We love creative work that works, we know what works, and we can make it work for you. We are not afraid to do things differently, and we are happy to take on new challenges. We believe that investing in our customers success, we will create a situation wherein we ourselves are also successful.

Collaboration with the customer is important to get a great result. In the early stages of our work, we listen, we learn, and we observe you, to find out what's needed to deliver a message that differentiates your business from competitors and how to present your strengths. From then on, we will develop your web design, increase your site and social media discovery, which not only sells your brand but also creates an image, what is both pure and visually beautiful.

At Ulge Design we have brought together programming, web design, graphic design and web management, where our goal is to be a professional company providing web programming and graphic design products. We work with all types and sizes of businesses, providing everyone with the same and equally cost-effective tools to deliver great results for the success of their business.

At Ulge Design Management, we have combined project and design management, product development and design, strategy and supply chain control and their management processes and also business consulting. You can find more details about this business line in ulge.ee

In our day-to-day work we approach each line of business separately.



For more information on any of our services please call: 50 30 036 or alternatively you can send us a request via e-mail ulge@ulge.eu and we will get back to you.


UlakasGeko - ULGE DesignDevice-responsive design that adapts to all devices.



What We Do


UlakasGeko - ULGE Design

Website design and programming

At UlakasGeko Ltd, we design, programming and produce responsive websites that display perfectly on all devices. We create tailor-made websites for each client in a unique and personal way, or we do it on some WordPress platform, which we design according to the client's ideas and wishes. Each website is unique and fulfills its important role by reflecting the nature of the customer's business, distinguishing the customer from competitors, and increasing the success of the business.

Our creative team works with you to provide you web solutions, which are attractive, dealing with your followers and supporting your marketing efforts. We are not afraid to do things differently and we are happy to take on new challenges.

Please take the time to look at our portfolio of creative and web projects to get a clear idea of our capabilities and then take the next step – contact us TODAY to discuss your next project together.

If you are interested and need more information, please write to us ulge@ulge.eu

UlakasGeko - ULGE Design

Brands and creativity

We are able to create a visual identity for you that represents your business and is eye-catching and memorable for your customers. A working image of a company is not just a beautiful logo and some images, but every brand or design needs strategy, knowledge and personality, to bring it growth and a competitive advantage.

When designing your company style, we create company-specific web design, logo, brand, print materials (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc.), e-cards, advertising materials (from flyers, banners and other advertising products - from pens to car advertising design), business textiles (working clothes, bags, towels, etc. style layout) based on the specific wishes and needs of each company.

You can take a look to our works and samples here.
If you are interested and need more information, please write to us ulge@ulge.eu

UlakasGeko - ULGE Design

Website management and maintaining

This is a job, which remains hidden from the eyes, but will keep your website up to date and secure so that all works like in the ship kitchen.

We provide you a web management service that keeps your website up-to-date and secure, and you can concentrate on your core business.

Web management is important to ensure a quick and secure operation of the website even after the website is built. This ensures that the plugins, platforms and modules used on the website are up to date. Failure to make updates is a security risk and will make the website accessible to attacks. During the management checked the website's performance and the need for updates, and after all necessary updates have been made, all features are tested, and the functionality is checked.

You can find more about our administrative services and their prices here...
If you are interested and need more information, please write to us ulge@ulge.eu

UlakasGeko - ULGE Design

Online advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing on the web are just as important as the website itself, because well done and outstanding advertising can help you sell a product / service or forward the information you want. No less important is the discovery of a web site by search engines (SEO), because if your web site is not discoverable to your customers, then in principle you will not exist.

However, there are many opportunities for advertising and marketing in the online world. This can be done using Google Ads or by using solutions provided in social media or online publications. All of them need to run campaigns and make banners, the last of them animated or not, depending on the customer's wishes, or making targeted posts. In addition to these, there are regular advertising channels: perhaps outdoor advertising, cars, posters and flyers. This work requires creativity and knowledges, and that is what we offer at UlakasGeko.


If you are interested and need more information, please write to us ulge@ulge.eu

Meet our team

Remy ULGE Design


Web Writer | Code Knocker

Person who writes and designs your web sites and, if necessary, tap the code. 

Ronja ULGE Design

RonjaRonja ULGE Design

Chief Officer of Happiness

My job is to delight clients, relieve stress and take care of our employees figure. 

Eveli ULGE Design


Image Crafter | Picture Enhancer

I will perform your design from idea to finish and improve it if necessary. 

Our principle is: if somehow can`t, then somehow still can!

Contact Us


Whether you want to redesign your business image, design a great website or other promotional material, we would be delighted to help you.

Call us on: +372 50 30 036 or E-mail us on: ulge@ulge.eu.

You can also call or write to us via Skype

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